Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hey. It's 11:21, here in Oceanside, California. And today was one of the most stupid days of my life. I got me some really bad sunburn.
And lemme tell ya.
I will never forget sunblock again as long as I live. Haha. All my cousins are staying on the beach with us and we were boogie boarding all day. I love being in the sun all day. Minus the repercussions where you sit in bed with 2nd degree burns while everyone else is at Universal Studios. :( It hurts so much. I can't sleep without pills. I usually don't succomb to pain relievers, but I just want to sleep so badly. Pain, pain, stupid pain. You are stupid and I don't like you.
But I got to eat pickles in bed all day, so that's a plus.
Well, just thought I would blog a bit before I tried sleeping. Man I'm tired. And I like being ungrounded. And I like pickles. And I like someone. And yeah. Life. Night.

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