Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am a fantastic list maker.

I love being a Miamaid... I almost never want to turn 16 ever. Laurels seems kind of.. boringish. But of course I'm gonna turn 16. But anyway.
Today in our Miamaid lesson, we each made a list of qualities we want our future husband to have.
Now I love lists as you might know. And so I was thrilled.
I have even done this activity before in young women's, and had never really been that excited about it. But this time, in like 20 minutes, I had over 40 things on my list.
I usually am not like that.. it takes me a while to think of things like that on the spot.
(Which is part of the reason why The Cute List is still under construction. That and my laziness.) But I guess this list was an easy one.
Maybe I'll post the List of Qualities of My Awesome Future Husband later. But right now my mother is cooking bacon. I can tell, because the house suddenly smells awesome. This is a rarity, so I am going to dash down the stairs now and dance around the kitchen. While eating bacon. ...Bye.

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