Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm tired. I've been up doing homework for a while. But I just like getting it done well. Making it look good. You know. For health, I had to write a children's book about healthy living. And man, is it cute! Can't wait until we get to read them to the little kids in the daycare center. :) But I just need to go to bed now. UGH jk I have to finish that chemistry project. Do you have any idea how much I do not care about ATOMS? I seriously do not give a french toast. But whatever. Gotta learn stuff. So I can go to collage. And help my poor kids with THEIR homework. Hah.. I should stop typing now. Because I want to say a LOT of things. A LOT. And I would type into the wee hours of the morning if I could. But alas. Homework. Ugh. Bye.

PS, I can't wait for the future. My future. I'm so excited. I want to do so many things.

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