Thursday, January 5, 2012

I need to be chastised rather harshly right now.

Dear  Sad and Dramatic Little Teenage Sabrina,
You know what normal people do when they're feeling down? They try and get happy. Did you know that? They don't go into a sneaky hate spiral, they go call their friends or help their mom or hug their puppy or something. You have friends. You have a mom. You may not have a puppy, but that's okay. Kittens are equally if not more adorable. 
But the point is. 
You can't stay sad for petty reasons. Those things may seem big right now, but they DO NOT MATTER. They are a small moment in an infinite amount of beginning-less and endless time. What matters is how you deal with your problems. What matters are the choices you make. Think of how big the universe is. How big are you? Insignificant. You're tiny problem means NOTHING to the universe. Literally. So don't expect it to, okay? These things come and go. They pass. It's LIFE. You're wasting your time flushed and fretting. Think of all the wonderful and meaningful things you could be doing with all this time and breath God gives you EVERY SINGLE DAY. He put that air in your lungs. He put that brain in your head. Are you seriously going to waste that? Because it wasn't created to be wasted. The things you do in this life on earth determine your eternity. Eternity is at stake, Sabrina. Shape up. 
Smarter, Healthier, and Happier Sabrina.

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  1. Dear Sabrina:
    You are beautiful and I love you. I sincerely wish I knew you better. Please talk to me when you are not feeling okay.