Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let the pointless blogging begin.

My brain < working. That equation makes noooo sense.. I don't think it's even an equation. Anywho.
I feel like being very very very negative right now. Just to be controversial. So here is me, being stupid, confessing most everything.

- Rosetta Stone (Congrats, you made top of the list.)
- Lack of sleep (You suck.)
- Being shy at times
- Lack of confidence
- Lack of interest in food (I especially loath you.)
- Lacking things
- Confusion
- Feeling nauseated. (Which is most of the time now. Don't know why. Started Monday, now it won't stop.)
- Parents not trusting me (It's insulting, to be frank.)

I went out for a walk one night. Took some Kool-aid, & my journal.. went out the door, it was gorgeous outside. Prayed pretty much the whole time, thanking God for the beautiful world. Over all, a very nice, spiritual, cleansing expirience. But when I got home, I was basically interrogated. 
Sabrina, do you have a boyfriend? 
Haha, no. (Of course I'm gonna smile. Can't help it.) 
That's exactly what Amanda said at your age, with the same look on her face. 
Well, I'm not Amanda, dad. I promise, I was just taking a walk all by myself.
In the dark? 
Yeah, it was really nice outside.
(I sounded really guilty, and I know it. I'm a good girl, mom and dad, you know that.)
- Sounding guilty when I'm not. Hah.
- Making my parents sound like bad people... They're not, I promise. They just love me too much.
- Not knowing what to say, or think, or do..
- Feeling lonely at times
- Being told I'm wrong when I already know I am
- Feeling like ;aksdjf;alkdfj;alksfjda;lksdfj. <-- that.
- Overanalyzing things
- This computer
- Bad dreams
- Throwing up
- Crying at the drop of a hat
- Realizing how long this list is getting
- Making my life sound miserable.. The good stuff far outweighs the bad stuff. (I'm being stupid right now, remember?)
- Remembering that Cameron wants to read this... Hi, Cameron.

(Maybe I'll finish later. I'm going to bed.)

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