Saturday, May 28, 2011

My fingernails are bright orange.

Life is awesome. I guess I needed some stupid times to realize how good my life really is. I have the greatest friends, the greatest family... dang, life is good.

Things that made today great: (I like lists)
- First thing I did this morning was sit on the roof with some pineapple, listening to Local Natives on my CD player. The sun was shining and the trees were green and I felt super super happy :) I love the roof, you can see just everything. 
- My nails are painted bright orange. I feel like I have mini traffic cones on my fingertips.
- I hung out with Karly aka the greatest person on the earth. She has a giant (GIANT) teddy bear that I snuggled with. And we had snowcones. In the rain. :D
- I'm wore my "doubt not, fear not" bracelet I got in seminary for lettering. It somehow just made everything more awesome.
- A movie preveiw said "In some of the wildest places on earth..." and Megan said, "Yeah, like The Wild?" I laughed my butt off.
- I wasn't on the computer all day
- Didn't feel sick at all today
- The lady at Cold Stone complimented my shirt. Said it was the coolest shirt she'd ever seen. Thank you, Amanda, for giving it to me for Christmas. It is the most awesome DI shirt ever.
- I took a SUPER long shower. My hair smells awesome.
- Slept in till about 1:00 pm :)
- I got the hiccups
- Found thee sickest most comfortable couch in the world at the DI today. I'm going to go back and buy it. (I love the DI, if you didn't know.)
- Had a banana mango smoothie. Why are smoothies so dang good?
- Saw the stupidest movie ever. It was fun to make fun of later. 

Man, I love today. 

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