Monday, July 11, 2011

Cherry Lemonade.

I have never actually had it. But since it's lemonade, I'm confident that it's fantastic. I'm pretty sure that lemonade is more necessary to my body than water is. It's all I drink in the summer, which I realize probably isn't a good thing. But hey, I'm happy. I'm very happy, in fact. I got stuck in a rut for a while there, but now I have a life, feels like. Went to an open tennis practice at the high school today, and I LOVED it. I feel like I'm progressing in something for once. I feel great since I started back up on tennis. Man, I'm excited for.. I dunno, the rest of the summer. Life's a bowl a' cherries. :D Welp, Cameron's gotta read this before bed. So I gotta stop here. Night.

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