Sunday, July 3, 2011


I decided to go on a bike ride.
It didn't go as planned. Nothing I ever do really goes as planned, so I usually don't plan things. But it didn't go as planned in a good way.
Turns out my bike got hung up in the garage. Usually I would just get it down, only the van was underneath it so I couldn't. So I took my satchel and a cherry popsicle, and went on a walk. I had a little friend tag along :D My little 5 year old next door neighbor Haley said hi and began to follow me. We walked together and talked for a while. I asked her questions, and she answered them hilariously :) She is the funniest little thing. I felt like I was just walking around with a friend, it was weird. When I told her I was 10 years older than her, she was amazed. So was I, in fact. I felt really old. Hah. We sat on some swings and shared my goldfish crackers, then she had to go home.

I decided that I needed a friend my age :) So I went and got Karly.
We hung out just us two all night, which hadn't happened it a while and it was so. Fun. We sat and talked in the church parking lot which was HILARIOUS. Sat in a patch of clover. Played that "he loves me, he loves me not." Game with some flowers. Made up some chemicals like "Bloraphyll". We tend to make each other laugh a lot.

Then we went to her house and sat on the porch so we could see the fireworks better. Then we went upstairs and sat on the roof so we could see the fireworks even BETTER. :) It was some good times.

I gotta go get ready for CHARCH.
 Bye :)


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