Saturday, July 2, 2011

I put a teeny little braid in my hair.

Hi. So. I sang for people yesterday. Thank heaven I didn't throw up, cause I certainly felt like it. Not eating yet that day probably had something to do with it too, but I was just NERVOUS. But I did it! :D It was like being in some hipster's polyvore set, sitting around the fire with our instruments and chocolate marshmallows.
I have a new artist to my favorites list, BTW. Named Gavin. That kid can sing a dang song. But anywho. What I really wanted to say was that I put a teeny little braid in my hair. And I mean it when I say teeny. It is very small. It just sits on the right side of my head and gives me this weird sort of confidence. I dunno why, but it just kinda does. Maybe it's some stupid girl thing.
Stupid Girl Thing #1: Just stick something unique in your hair, and you can conquer the world, sister.
Stupid Girl Thing #2: Do. Not. Eat.
Stupid Girl Thing #3: Stay up until 12:58 am blogging about your problems, it's a very good idea.
Stupid Girl Thing #4: Watch That Thing You Do! Twice in a row while folding socks and eating potato pancakes, for it is quite enjoyable. (no sarcasm this time)

You know what, I am going to read my scriptures and say my prayers and lay in bed. I dunno about sleeping. But good night. Don't do drugs. Stay in school. Tell people you love them. And all that jazz.

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