Friday, June 24, 2011

I am smiling.

My heart is just so darn fulla love right now :) I've been at Girls Camps all week and it is exactly what I needed :) I have 44 friends now, Some old, some new :) And I'm sorry if it's bothering you that I'm putting a smile in stead of a period at the end of each sentence :) But I am so happy :) Bore my testimony for the first time at camp :) Drank lemonade :) Ate more in a week than I did in the entire month of May :D Best year of girl's camp ever. Only downside to camp: I had that stupid "TONIGHT TONIGHT THERES A PARTY ON THE ROOFTOP TOPATHE WORLD TONIGHT" song stuck in my head the  entire. Week. But. Did not deteriorate from the awesomeness of camp :) Holy crow, I just realized that I'm starving. Gonna make me a mandy sandwich :) Bye :D

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