Thursday, June 9, 2011

I found my capo.

Before now, I couldn't sing a certain song on the ukulele because it was too low. But I found my capo. Now I am more capo-ble :D
Anyway, I am kinda forcing myself to post this right now. It's scary. I'm making myself to do this, because Brother Shamy says, "You can do hard things." And this, my friends, is a hard thing. 


This is my head right now:
Why am I doing this?
Because I can.
But I don't have to...
I know, but I need to.
Because I need to be brave.
Because brave is a good thing to be, I guess.
So I'm really gonna do it? Click "PUBLISH POST"? Right now?

(Just a heads up, you should skip the end because it's plain stupid. I can't sing that low. Hah. But if the capo were any higher on the fretboard the uke would sound lame and kind of annoying. I mean a uke is high pitched enough with out the capo. So yeah. Anywho. Here is First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes on the ukulele. Sorry bout all the mistakes. I hope I don't ruin the song for you.) 

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