Thursday, June 2, 2011

"I'm gonna blog something happy."

Were my exact words to Cameron Raburn this afternoon.
So here we go...

Let's see.. lists make me happy.. and I like cute things. So I'll make a list of cute things. :) Sound good?

- OJ (the bunny)
- Cameron (the kid)
- Baby deer
- Foxes
(A lot of these will be animals, by the way.)
- Turtles
- Macaroni noodles (I dunno why, they just are.)
- Baby hedgehogs (Have you ever seen one of those things?? I could just die.)
- Hugs
- When Kresten says "You guys are so CUTE."
- This emoticon:   :3
- And this one:   ;)   (not when used creepily and/or frequently)
- When people give/make me CD's
- Oscar (the dinosaur)
- Smiles
- When Shawn tries to tell Juliet he loves her when he thinks she's about to die
- When people hold hands the old way, not the new way.
- The little kids I babysit
- Stickers
- Kittens
this. (Jim and Pam)
- Saying "good morning" and "good night"
- Ukuleles
- Sitting on the same piano bench
- Mustaches (on certain people)
- Bein' cozy/ cuddly
- Ugly couches (they are usually the coziest, therefore good for cuddling and watching movies.)
- Confessions
- Ducklings
- This! --> ♪♫ 
- Freckles
- Blogging
- Using songs/ lyrics to say things
- Using Scrabble to say things
- Shyness
- Bloo (on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)
- Whinnie the Pooh
- Bird nests with tiny eggs in them
- Tennis outfits
- Being in love
- Getting ice cream
- Panda Bears
- Crayon drawings
- Visiting someone who is sick and lonely
- Big eyes
- Panda bears
- Serendipity
- Old people
- When Tanner apologises (and then gives you a hug. Cause hugs are cute, huh.)
- Marbles
- Smurfette
- When your freckles make a constellation
- When you notice something cute and you don't tell anyone. You just keep it to yourself. Unlike this list.
- Laughing in a heap on the floor
- Campfires and marshmallows
- Adventures
- Saving someone you love from certain death!
- Getting married in the temple
- Kites
- Kittens. (This deserves to be put again, I think. Twice is good.)
- Kittens. (Nay, thrice.)
- Ducky bathrobes with matching slippers (LIKE I WISH I HAD)
- Trading secrets
- Making friendship bracelets
- Paint fights
- Tracing things
- Finding a heart shaped rock
- Rain (dancing in, sitting in, kissing in, jumping in, whatever. Cute things happen in the rain.)
- Great. Big. Hugs.
- When someone is happy to see you, and you them.
- Tinier things (Imagine an elephant the size of your fist. Cute, right?)
- Very Close Talking (see the bounty hunters episode of Psych)
- Playing with little kids
- Swinging
- Record players
- Stick-on earrings

What the crow. I just realized how long I'm making this list. I'm going to stop here, if you don't mind.

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